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Christina E. Taylor

Librarian, Information Scientist,  Educator

Christina is a veteran librarian, information scientist, and educator.  As a passionate supporter of historically under-served populations in her community, she’s been President of the Board of Directors for Girls Rock Austin, Chair of the Texas Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List Committee, Co-founder of the Central Texas Teen & Kids Comic Con, Vice President of Social Media for Reading with Pictures, and Executive Board member of the Young Adult Round Table

Expertise Includes 


Modus Operandi 

Organizational Leadership 

Since the 1990s, Christina has consistently been involved in association work of some kind. She deeply enjoys the metacognitive work that organizational leadership requires of her, finding that it counterbalances the day-to-day need to check things off the perpetual to-do list that makes it easy to lose sight of the values and value driven goals that underpin the minutiae of work. 


Sartorial Outreach

Believing that a foot in the door is more effective if they're already admiring your shoes, Christina is a expert practitioner of sartorial outreach. She intentionally leverages her wardrobe choices to help engage patrons, cultivate professional contacts, interact more effectively with colleagues, and signal her presence to like-minded individuals in the vicinity.


Comics Librarianship

In graphica, Christina found a calling. Her goals are largely rooted in a desire to help knit together disparate pockets within her communities of practice. Despite increased representation in graphic literature, BIPOC fans often continue to feel alienated—aware that those with whom they connect so profoundly rarely share this identity. Thus, it's her goal to normalize nerds of color and support libraries in holding space for the BIPOC fandom just as they do for so many other marginalized peoples. 


Social Media

As an experienced social media and web presence specialist, Christina has applied expertise she’s honed through practical multi-platform campaign design that amplifies the work in her communities of practice. In doing so, she has the honor of not only promoting an organization’s execution of its charge but also leveraging this megaphone in support of under-represented voices and the stories that they have to tell. 


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