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What You Should Know About Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga in Classrooms

Library Pass Webinar

November 24, 2020    |    Online    |    6:00  PM

Session Description:

With the continuing explosion in popularity of comics, graphic novels, and manga as sources of reading and entertainment for kids, titles like Dog Man, New Kid, Guts, Avatar, My Hero Academia, March, and They Called us Enemy are flying off shelves in bookstores and libraries. They’re also receiving critical acclaim and winning major awards—including the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, and Newbery Medal. In this webinar, educators and librarians discuss how the comics medium works and why it has become so popular, particularly amongst younger readers. They answered questions their peers frequently have about comics, as well as those asked by parents who don’t believe comics count as “real” reading.


Karen Gavigan, Kat Kan, Esther Keller, Christina Taylor, & John Shableski (moderator)