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Connecting with Your Community Through Comics

San Diego Comic Con International

July 20, 2023 |    San Diego, California |    2:00 PDT

Session Description:

Explore how comics, manga, graphic novels, and other forms of sequential art address and support various aspects of our communities. From elevating stories of cultural heritage to addressing widely suppressed and underrepresented topics such as grief, eating disorders, chronic/terminal illness, and disability, panelists Betsy Gomez (ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom), Christina Taylor (youth services consultant at Texas State Library and Archives Commission), and Jana Tropper (director of literacy, Reading with Pictures; speech-language pathologist, Animal Rescue Friends) will share title lists and ideas for community-based initiatives and answer questions to help you develop events for your own community.  


Betsy Gomez, ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom;  Christina Taylor, Texas State Library and Archives Commission; and Jana Tropper, Director of literacy, Reading with Pictures, speech-language pathologist, Animal Rescue Friends