Christina E. Taylor, MSIS, is a veteran information specialist and educator who helps learners advance their critical thinking practice. For fourteen years, she taught high school English Language Arts in Texas public schools before leaving the classroom to broaden the impact of her efforts as a school librarian. After 22 years in public education, she joined the Continuing Education Consulting team at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission where she could broaden her reach even more by ensuring Texas libraries are knowledgeable about and have the resources to implement youth services that meet the needs of their communities. 

Christina recognizes that ready access to myriad information sources necessitates that houses of learningwhether formal or informal educational environmentsbe service-oriented information workshops where users are centered in order to acquire and hone skills vital to life-long learning in a dynamic world. With this recognition serving as her guiding principle, she has acquired professional skills both pedagogical and technical in service of creating innovative learning experiences and providing strategic support services to learners over the course of her career and professional studies. 

Christina is a passionate organizational leader who leverages that work to seek out opportunities to support historically underserved populations in her community. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and past state officer in Texas and chapter officer in Austin, prior member of the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) and officer in the Round Rock Unit, Co-founder and steering committee member of the Central Texas Teen & Kids Comic Con, former President of the Board of Directors for Girls Rock Austin, and the Vice President of Social Media for Reading With Pictures. As a member of the Texas library ecosystem, she’s been active in the work and leadership of the Texas Library Association's Young Adult Round Table (YART) for nearly the past decade as YART's 2022-2025 Chair, the Social Media Manager, and both a member and Chair of the Texas Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List Committee.

In her ordinary world, Christina is a mom to e-trikes who is not only heavily invested in nerd culture but is also extremely passionate about vintage fashion. Thus, she has an extensive wardrobe that requires constant grooming and maintenance given that she spends a considerable amount of her leisure time shopping and cultivating this look. When not in a thrift store somewhere on the planet, you might find her making jewelry, reading, collecting Barbies, promoting comics, designing websites, mentoring individuals who identify as women, amplifying her volunteerism through social media, participating in a pub quiz, or traveling. So, you can expect to see any and all of these passions occupying real estate on her socials as well. Follow her at